Cardiovascular disease includes a class of diseases in which the heart and blood vessels are affected. Do a little research, and in your own words, describe one type of cardiovascular disease in detail. What actions should be taken by individuals and society as a whole to reduce the prevalence of this disease?
Post your answer to the discussion board using about 200 words. Do not copy and paste or plagiarize in any way. Submit your post at least 24 hours prior to the assignment due date. After you post your initial comment, return to the discussion and read posts from your fellow classmates. Choose two classmates to respond to using at least 50 words each. Make sure to address them using their first name and sign your response with your own first name. Check the course schedule for the assignment due date. Remember to use correct grammar which consists of proper English, capitalization, complete sentences, correct punctuation and correct spelling. This discussion board is worth 5 points.

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Discussion Board Rubric
Quality and Timeliness
Total Range of Points
Possible for Level of
Does not submit at
least one initial
response and/or does
not submit at least two
peer responses.
Does not seem to
understand the topic
very well.
Submits at least one
initial response and at
least one peer
Does not submit posts
that are in complete
sentences or two or
more of the sentences
are grammatically
incorrect with more
than two spelling
0pts – 1pt
Submits post that has
only one grammatically
incorrect sentence and
less than two spelling
Shows evidence of
understanding the
2pts – 3pts
Submits at least one
initial response and
two or more peer
responses in a timely
Demonstrates a full
understanding of the
topic and includes
additional resources to
share with community.
Submits post with no
grammatical or spelling
4pts – 5pts

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