# In anticipation of your reading, starting from your local community, identify each Emergency Management Agency /Governmental Authority linked in the chain to the Department of Homeland Security /Office of the President for the Declaration of a Disaster and provision of Federal Assistance.- see the example on the attached file.- My chosen city is Louisville, Kentucky – APA Style.- Two references at least.

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The emergency management system for the city of Erie, Pennsylvania is directed by
the Department of Public Safety. It is structured under a integrated system between
Buffalo, Niagara, Wyoming counties, and the Canadian bordering cities and lakes. Its
EOP is revised biannually to represent the integration of three major spaces (land, air,
and water) ( Erie Department of Public Safety, 2018).
The declaration of disaster daily report to the governor of Pennsylvania, provides a
detailed analysis of adverse emergency events and their status in terms of planning,
logistics, and operations (open/closed). For Erie county, the report highlights a water
rescue operation with no injuries (EMA Daily Report, 2018). Another example of this
meaningful collaboration in the beginning of January 2018, focused on The Coast
Guard’s ice-breaking mission include, not only facilitation of commercial navigation,
but also the provision of ice-breaking services for search and rescue, emergency
operations and flood mitigation (Upper Michigan Resources, 2018).
– Provide emergency and non-emergency public safety (9-1-1) call taking and
dispatch services to the citizens and visitors of Erie County.
– Provide individual and organizational training programs for public safety
telecommunications staff and emergency service providers to ensure prompt, efficient,
and effective disaster emergency services and response, in compliance with applicable
Pennsylvania State Laws and Regulations.
– Provide Quality Assurance / Quality Management programs to ensure the services
provided meet and/or exceed the highest standard of customer service to the citizens
and visitors of Erie County.
– Provide Public Education programs to the Erie Community to help educate the
citizens on the resources and services provided by the Public Safety Department to
include 9-1-1, Emergency Management, Hazardous Materials Response and Special
– Provide programs and services to the citizens of Erie County, such as:
– Safe Town “Household Profiles,” a quick, easy and secure way to provide critical
information about your home and family to the people who can provide emergency
services to you and your family.
– Public Alert Siren System – An all-hazard alert (siren) system used to warn the
general population of potential danger.
– Cooperate and collaborate with Local, State, and Federal Government Officials /
Organizations to provide the highest standard of customer service as it pertains to
emergency services and communications
– Continued participation (direct involvement) as a member of the Legislative
Government Affairs Committee as it relates to the legislative re-write of the
Pennsylvania Emergency Services Code, 35 Pa. C.S.
– Enhancement of staff expertise and competency levels.
– Continuation of the consolidation of countywide emergency communications
– Implementation of Next Generation Public Safety Radio System (APCO P25 Phase
II Trunked UHF Simulcast Repeated Radio System) to provide reliable, interoperable
communications among Emergency Service Providers on a common frequency that
meets or exceeds National Industry Standards with consideration given to include
Public Transportation, Public Works, School Districts, etc.
– Continued participation in the Regional Shared Services Assessment
– Establish redundancy of the Erie County Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) /
Dispatch Center among other County PSAPs with a regional approach, eliminating the
need for a physical redundant center located in Erie County in the event of an
evacuation or catastrophic failure.
– Maintain current on emerging technology / systems (i.e. Next Generation 9-1-1),
offering the most advanced services such as “Text-to-911, Photos, Streaming Video,
Telematics, etc.
– Establish a centralized record management system for all County Law Enforcement
Agencies, a central repository of crime data; sharing information across jurisdictional
boundaries; crime mapping; outstanding warrants, etc.
– Remain current on geo-referenced, aerial, oblique image libraries and software
(Pictometry) that are incorporated with the Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD) and
Geographic Information System (GIS) software. These software resources are utilized
24/7 to provide a fast response to emergencies that threaten the lives and property of
citizens of Erie County.
– Continue to improve the operational capabilities of the Community Emergency
Response Team to support Search & Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Medical,
Logistical and Emergency Operations Center activities.
– Improve the operational capabilities of the county animal response team, specifically
the areas of recruitment/retention, public education and pet sheltering.
– In cooperation with municipal governments and local fire departments, establish a
consolidated specialized technical rescue team with confined space, trench, high
angle, collapse, hazardous materials, and water rescue capabilities.
– Obtain a comprehensive, independent report that includes short, intermediate, and
long term goals with best practice recommendations to enhance the emergency
management program.
– Develop a rail safety (all hazard) plan for emergency preparedness to potential
incidents and identify associated risk(s) to the community.
– Continue to build a “stop gap” cache of equipment and supplies to meet the
immediate response needs of the County.
– Re-organize the County Emergency Operations Center Staff positions.
– Implement an on-line damage reporting system for use by the public for reporting
damages to municipal and county governments.
– Assist and support the voluntary regionalization of municipal emergency
– Expand the use of Knowledge Center within the County.
– Work with various community groups to develop and promote “community
resiliency” initiatives.
– Update the County Hazard Mitigation Plan.
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