Discussion Post Watch the following video, “The opioid crisis is making grandparents become parents again.” And answer the following questions.What statistics can you find for instances of kinship care in your town or the state of California? What services could local government or nonprofits offer to all individuals involved in kinship care to help ease the transition, determine a more positive outcome, or provide additional resources? What options are there to reduce the instances of the need for kinship care?——————————————————————————————————————————————Living Will Field AssignmentRead the following form for a Living Will and explore these issues in your own life by thinking through your possible answers in your mind.California AARP Living Will formIn addition to the question listed on this form, please consider the following additional questions:Possible answers to the following questions:I be kept on any artificial life support as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards. I be artificially administered food and water, even if that has the effect of prolonging my life. I be provided comfort care, and relief from pain, including any pain reduction medication, even if doing so would prolong my life. If I have an incurable and irreversible (terminal) condition that will result in my death within a relatively short time, I direct that: If I am diagnosed as being in an end-state condition and, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, I will not regain consciousness, I direct that:If I am diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state and, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, I will not regain consciousness, I direct that:Notwithstanding my other directions, if I am known to be pregnant, I choose the following options if it is possible that the embryo/fetus will develop to the point of live birth with their continued application:Submit a paper using at least 1 paragraph per question to answer the following questions:What moral dilemmas, anxiety, or stress did you experience, if any, answering these questions in your mind?Did you base your answers on observation of others in end-of-life situations, family members who you counseled through these decisions, and/or your own opinions?Did you personal beliefs or cultural background play into your decision making process?