DISCUSSION POST MUST BE 10+ SENTENCES AND THE PEER REVIEW MUST BE 7+ SENTENCES PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDS AND DO NOT COPY FROM OTHER SITES STAY ON TOPIC ,BE POSITIVE , AND DO NOT COMMENT ON GRAMMAR ERRORS. TALK DIRECTLY TO CLASSMATES IN PEER REVIEWS!!!1) DISCUSSION QUESTIONThis week, we’ll be examining how our legal system protects persons who are injured by the purposeful act of another. These types of injuries are called intentional torts. The legal claims of assault, battery, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and defamation are examples of intentional torts.For this discussion, choose one of the scenarios listed below and determine the intentional tort that you think applies. Make sure to explain your answer, including the elements of the claim, why you think those elements are or are not present, and what other information you would need to make this determination.
A group of people protesting a company’s employment practices in the lobby of a building is surrounded by private security guards hired by the company.
A teenager sends a joking message to his best friend telling him that there is a bomb in his basement.
You accidently leave your personal journal at the local coffee shop. Another customer finds it and shares your innermost secrets on his blog, but never identifies you as being the writer of the journal.
At a family reunion at your parents’ home, you see Dave, a second cousin, place a very expensive bottle of wine in a duffle bag and quickly walk out of the backdoor. You quickly go to your father and tell him that Dave stole wine from the family wine cellar and your father calls the police. In reality, your mother told Dave to pick any bottle of wine as a belated birthday present.2) PEER REVIEW#1 (CHRISTINA)I’m going to comment on the group protesting and surrounded by security guards. This can be seen as false imprisonment. It is possible that the protestors could win; first the guards are private security and are surrounding the group. They could be blocking their way to get through. The protestors can feel threatened since the guards have blocked their exits. They lawfully have the right to protest. However in the scenario it does not state whether anything was said to the protesters. The guards have not told them they could not leave nor have they touched them. Protestors are aware that security can show up to stop the situation form getting out of control in a public place. If it was me though the guards surrounding me would make me feel like I was being held against my intent and being forced to be the area.3) PEER REVIEW#2 (KELLY)A teenager sends a joking message to his best friend telling him that there is a bomb in his basement.
I selected this because I thought that it was a little difficult to decide which tort would best fit. But I think the tort that applies is Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. I initially thought that it was a threat, but after reading the statement thoroughly it’s not saying that he put the bomb in the basement but that there is one. So the person could just think that it’s an informative statement and that is where the intentional emotional distress comes into play. The part that complicates this is that the person that did it is a teenager. I would assume that depending on the situation, it’s possible the restitution would be paid by the parents.