DISCUSSION POST MUST BE 10+ SENTENCES AND THE PEER REVIEW MUST BE 7+ SENTENCES PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDS AND DO NOT COPY FROM OTHER SITES STAY ON TOPIC ,BE POSITIVE , AND DO NOT COMMENT ON GRAMMAR ERRORS. TALK DIRECTLY TO CLASSMATES IN PEER REVIEWS!!!1) DISCUSSION QUESTIONApplying the Fruit Guys Business Strategy (10 Points)Watch the video titled “Fruit Guys ─ Strategy,”* also located in the Learn section of Week 3 of your Blackboard course. Identify two or three (2-3) businesses that could use the five (5) questions the Fruit Guys used to determine effectiveness. Provide a rationale for your answer. Reply to at least one (1) of your classmate’s posts.Considering the Impact of Competition on HRM Within a Real Business (10 Points)Pick an organization that you are familiar with and do a competitive environmental scan for it. Then answer and discuss the following questions:
How does the competitive environment for the company affect the organization’s HR function?
Which strategy would be best suited to address the effects discussed?
Provide a rationale for your answers. Reply to at least one (1) of your classmate’s posts.*Note: Flash Player must be enabled in your browser to view this video.2) PEER REVIEW (DERRICK) Grasping and recognizing what to do in a market by looking at mistakes or watching a recession happen was the uphill start for the fruit guy . Five questions he asked are where every new business owner should begin. Understanding what respect is would be a winner . Ask if the business has been respectful to all the customers. Next , undrerstanding the needs of the consumer and investigating were they met. Next is realization . This is so important gives credibiltiy because being honest on what you can and can not do is perfect. Everyone should understand and know being responsible is all part of being an owner whether it is an employee or product you are responsible. Last but mostly mportant is being optimistic. Positively will help and make problem solving easier. The two business I could apply the five would be tree and lawn service. People think that these two are simple and can be done everyday. the thing about it has to be neat , clean , safety , time consuming, and a lot of man power. This a physical job that goes unnoticed. An organization I’m familiar would be the Hyundai Plant. The plant ask for qualification that are not that high but time demanding. Human resource has to balance what is looked for and what is expected!