BUILD THE PRESENTATIONUse the information from your DPI Project Proposal Template document as the base.Edit down your proposal presentation.Summarize Chapters 1-3.Include Appendix A.

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 Use
the information from your DPI Project
Proposal Template document as the base.
 Edit
down your proposal presentation.
 Summarize
 Include
Chapters 1-3.
Appendix A.
 Timing:
The Proposal Defense presentation
should be no longer than 30 minutes.
 Be
sure you have the approval of your DPI
Chairperson and Committee for everything in
the presentation; if you are unsure of
something, clarify it prior to your defense call.
 Practice
multiple times.
 DO:

Use this GCU slide layout.
Use an easy to read font size.
Use figures and tables.
 DO

Do not add slide transitions, animation, or sounds
that are distracting.
Do not crowd slides with excessive text.

Create notes in your presentation of the points
you want to cover in your oral presentation of
each slide.

Except for specific content, such as clinical
questions, do not just read the slides.
Paraphrase in a conversational, yet professional
manner (the result of practice, as per the prior

Your oral presentation should explain or expand
upon what is on the slides; it should not
reiterate the content.
Start with a title page that uses the title
of the DPI Project
 What
qualifies you to do this project?
 Credentials
 Experience
 Etc.
 Why
this topic?
 History
 Need
 What
needs(s) in practice does the research
identify? What need will your project address
and implement?
You can use more than one slide to address each
of the categories.
 Your
problem statement should clearly and
explicitly state the reasons you are doing your
 The
purpose of this study is to…
 How
might your project impact the field of study
or health care outcomes?
 How
could it impact your work as a professional?
 What
else is significant?
 If
it is discussed in your project, include a
slide on the philosophical orientation.

For example: critical theory or social
 Number
your questions to facilitate easy
reference during discussions with the
committee members.
 Define
which major category of methodology
you implemented for your project.
 Include
your rationale as to why your chosen
methodology is appropriate to your clinical
 Cite
relevant methodology literature in
support of your choice of methodology.
Depending on your choice of methods, you may need
to outline specifics such as (including but not limited to):


Participants—number, how selected, IRB considerations,

Reliability and validity

Methods of data collection

Data analysis

You may need multiple slides for these categories.
 List
only those cited in the DPI Project
Proposal Defense presentation.
 One

slide should be sufficient.
(Everything else is included in your manuscript.)
 Thank
the members of the committee.
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of Education, Educational Leadership.
(n.d.). Preparing a PowerPoint for your
dissertation defense. Retrieved from

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