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Asst #2-Dream Job
Take a look online at glassdoor or linkedin to find
ads for job opportunities that sound like the job of
your dreams….copy and paste the job descriptions
into your discussions.
Add the following comments to your discussion.
Are any of these jobs related to your major or field
of study( my major is criminal justice) ? What skills
are in common with your dream job and your major
or field of study? What skill sets are most valuable to
the industry or career of your choice? List skills-how
many do you already have? How many do you need
to get? How will you get them?
Asst #4-Email and Voice Messages
Emails and Voicemail Pitches
There are two parts to this assignment. Based on
your Dream Job description and your elevator/Jim
Becaq pitch…respond to an advertisement for
employment with an email and a voice mail…you
could do both at the same time by recording your
voice message and link it when you post to the
Discussion Board…that’s probably the best use of
technology too!
Asst#3-Research Project-Step One-Initial Job
This is the first step in your research project-the
main assignment for this course.
Sales Research- Group (majors/fields) find a
company online that looks like it would be involved
in your field….begin looking for sites that have
information pertinent to the company…who are the
competitors…how large is the industry, etc….Now
make a list of sites where you can get background
information so that when you show up on site to
apply you’ll have all public information.
Asst #8-Final Research Project ( 2-3 pages)
Take your initial search and develop a research
proposal that describes the industry/field that you
are interested in (probably your major) and then
details a specific area of the industry that employs
sales professionals. Provide a sales structure
outline/graph for that industry and include the
typical job descriptions for the different levels of
sales professionals. Include your email/voice mail
applications for a specific job.

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