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Dr. Nasser Duella
Writing Assignment
Fall 2018
Econ 335
Instructions: Write a double-spaced two-page paper on any one of the following topics
1. What trade model will best explain the U.S /Chinese trade relations? Identify the
winners and losers from trade.
2. Explain the impact of the U.S trade deficit on the performance of the U.S economy
during the last two decades.
3. You can select a topic of your own choice that is relevant to an international economic
Make sure to include a cover page with your name and title of the paper, the date and section
number. Also include a reference page. There is no limit on the number of sources used.
The paper must be written in your own words with no plagiarism allowed and your paper
should be well structured.
If you choose to submit a first draft please submit it by October 11. Otherwise you can submit it
by the day of the final exam.

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