Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order. Few organizations and knowledge workers seem to understand the dynamics of their informal networks and harness their abilities. A good network outside your own business can make it possible to gain access to and act upon new information faster. It can save time and energy in a leadership role to have a network of individuals with similar challenges who can provide advice based on their experiences. Having a strong network can also be invaluable if you looking for emerging nurse leaders. Networking exists everywhere, even in social situations outside of the work environment. They more often occur in professional meetings, events are also ideal opportunities to collaborate with others who are dealing with a similar situation than you or your team of employees is. In the future, these network connections can help you as a nurse leader evolve and even move up to a larger organization as career move. I have networked in my community in the workplace by referring my uneducated sexually active patients to health community centers such as planned parenthood and the health department community center so that they can help them with free STD barrier supplies, free parenting classes, the patients who don’t feel comfortable asking their parents about information such as: where to get contraceptives and the different kinds that are available to them. It is so easy to take a few minutes out of our day to help educate our patients through connecting them with the proper networks that can assist them. As nurse leaders, we should be not only be providing a service to our community but being a good example by taking time out of day to assist another human being.ReferenceMisner, I. R. & Morgan, D. (2000). Masters of Networking: Building Relationships for our pocketbook and soul. Bard Press: Atl