Address at least two key e-marketing ethical concerns (ex; issues with social media, website, or selling to a specific group of customers) , using examples from the organization that you selected for your e-marketing plan by writing a 1 or 2 page executive summary that is posted directly in the discussion conference and not as an attachment. Be very specific about how to deal with these concerns. Use text and course module ideas to support your response and help you develop your emarketing plan.Information about the company below:E marketing plan company: Calabash Tea & Tonic (Tea House)What is the nature of the organization now?Calabash Tea & Tonic, which is a tea house/ vegan café located in Washington, D.C. found by Dr. Sunyatta Amen. The establishment is a peaceful and relaxed environment with tea; coffee & kombucha on tap complement a vegan menu of pastries & snacks served in colorful digs.Who are the customers and what are their needs? How can the organization fulfill the needs of the customer?Calabash Tea & Tonic would be for those who have interest in holistic lifestyle.Calabash Tea & Tonic customers are men and women aged 25 to 40 who live or work in the busy city of Washington, D.C. These customers are looking for a place that brings them comfort and relaxation from daily stress.Calabash Tea & Tonic is known for their “How Can We Heal You?” tea bag which comes in 38 flavors. These tea bags are full of herbs that provide great health benefits.Calabash Tea & Tonic focus is to gain more customers by engaging and sharing information with those on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) who are interested in learning about the holistic health.What is the social context that the organization operates in?Calabash Tea & Tonic is serving the people of Washington D.C. and will also be expanding their business in the city of Brooklyn, NY.The company I have selected is the Calabash Tea & Tonic found by Dr. Sunyatta Amen (Former medical doctor).Calabash Tea & Tonic is located in Washington, D.C.I am a herbal tea fanatic. After a long day at the office, Calabash Tea & Tonic is one of my favorite to go to when I just want to drink hot tea, relax, and chat with friends. Calabash Tea & Tonic has become very popular over the past year and in hopes of expanding the business.Calabash Tea & Tonic website and social media (Facebook) are updated and shares great information in regards to the business.