– The assignment is a 4 part questions, they are all related to emotional intelligence. – There is a video attached that will answer some of the questions.- I need this after approximately 9 hours.- Clear definitions, no advanced vocabulary.

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Four-part assignment:
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7m9eNoB3NU&feature=youtu.be
• Part 1:
Are women more emotionally intelligent than men? Dr. Goleman doesn’t believe so. He finds that each gender has
its emotional strengths and weaknesses. Women are trained to be more empathetic–thus, they are often better
than men are at picking up “the subtle, unspoken emotional dimension” of communication. On the other hand,
women are treated for depression at twice the rate men are. Men are often better at managing their moods–a key
component of emotional intelligence. What other patterns of strengths and weaknesses might be attributed to the
sexes, respectively? Do you believe boys should be trained to be more aware of others’ moods? Do you think girls
could be given skills that would help them be more optimistic? Do you believe there are innate differences in the
emotional capacities of the genders?
• Part 2:
In the video, Gloeman briefly indicates that emotional intelligence can be displayed differently among cultures. Pick
a culture and research its general emotional characteristics. Write your answer in a paragraph of 8-10 sentences
• Part 3:
Write a paragraph of 8-10 sentences about how technology negatively affects mindfulness. You are advised NOT to
research the topic online. Instead, take your family members’ opinions. Provide specific examples in your writing.

Part 4: Write four sentences that describe what makes you emotionally intelligent.

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