please see the attachment it has the description and the pages that you have to read.750-1000 wordsdouble spacedAPA styleActually, there is more files but I can’t upload all of them now, when you reply to my HW I will send the other files.and please when you write the references, include write that is (Ebook) because its not a paper book.I will sent the photo of the book.





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Peer Review for Paper #1—EN 112.03, Winter 2019
Author: Please turn in this sheet plus the draft with your group mates’ comments when you meet with me
in conference so that I can give everyone credit for participating in the peer review session.
Group Members: Please sign here.
These are the criteria from the grading rubric which need to be met in order to earn full credit. Please
provide clear, supportive comments and suggestions (no derogatory comments) either here or on the
draft to help the author receive full credit for each grading criterion. Note: Your active participation in
peer review sessions constitutes a major part of your in-class participation grade.
Organization and Thesis: Clear, strong thesis statement, properly placed; effective organization; use of
appropriate transitions.
Summary: Complete summary of main points; appropriate use of quotations and paraphrases with
Response: Thoughtful and clear response; points of both agreement and disagreement are included, in
the appropriate order; includes quotations and/or paraphrases from essay.
Grammar, Mechanics, Punctuation, Spelling, Expression: No errors in grammar or mechanics
(sentence fragments, comma splices, fused sentences, punctuation or spelling errors, etc.); clear and
correct expression throughout.
APA Formatting of Citations and Paper: Correct APA-style in-text and references list citations; paper
formatted correctly in APA style.
Other Comments:

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