1. DescriptionYou will write a thesis which answers a question and which you will support with text-based evidence.Remember that in any paper you write, you will try to persuade the reader of your point. To do this you must exercise the three appeals: logos, pathos, and ethos, which you should have seen in 1101. Similarly, persuasion will require you to take a stand, so be sure to have a strong thesis that encourages the reader to adopt your point of view. The “paper” will be 1500 words and will be turned in no later than February 11th in class. I will not read late assignments, but I will be very available to you until then. If you need Office Hours let me know. 2. GradingThis assignment is worth 20% of the overall class grade. I will be grading grammar, spelling, and punctuation judiciously. I recommend that you have someone you know read your paper to see if they understand the arguments made. I will be reading these in close and hurried succession, so do not trust that my patience will be great; if I do not understand what you are saying, it will not be scored. You must use the MLA or APA format, which includes a Works Cited page even if only one book was used. I encourage you to use foreign sources to support your statements. The essays must be based on the texts assigned in class. A paper that relies on foreign/extraneous texts or does not use the texts we have read for class will not achieve anything above a D+. 3. TopicsYou are required to answer one of the following prompts or, alternatively, to develop your own topic. In all cases, make sure your thesis statements are clear. (Remember that a thesis is a sentence or two in answer to these questions, and should demonstrate your attitude.)What is the attitude that O.Henry/Jack London/Maupassant/Chopin (choose two) take toward money? Is it a force for good? Is there a morality to wealth in these stories?Compare the writing styles between one Romanticist story and one Realist story. How is the writing different? Make sure you look at language, grammar, syntax and/or rhetorical devices.How are Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne Romantic authors? To what extent are their stories “Romantic”?