After graduating from the university with a degree in Criminology you went to work for a county Victim-Witness Services Program. You found the work very challenging, but difficult dealing with people in trauma and in conflict. You had the opportunity to attend many workshops and seminars on how to best serve this type of person when dealing with the criminal justice system. You have also had a good deal of contact with victims of crime.. One day, shortly after arriving at work, two young women walked into the office and asked to see you. They tell you that you were very good at helping a friend of theirs who was the victim of a crime and they want to talk to you about their problem?? As they begin to tell you their problem, they begin to cry and have a great deal of difficulty dealing with the emotions surrounding these events. They tell you that for the past two years they have worked as organizers for a notorious farm labor organization. They explain in detail how during the past year they have been threatened and then forced to have sex with farm laborers in an attempt to get the farm laborers to sign up with the farm labor union. When they refused to perform sex, as a recruiting tool of the farm labor union, they were beaten by one of the male union recruiters and told if they went to the police or told anyone about this their lives would be in jeopardy. The two young women believe that something will happen to them if they go to the police and are very afraid and emotionally distraught. That is why they came to you for help, they thought you could be trusted. They also tell you they have many documents to support their allegations and have knowledge of the union engaged in other criminal acts. You are well acquainted with this farm labor union. You know that it has always been a very violent and radical union and was founded by a former pool hall hustler who never worked in any farm labor job. The union was founded on Communist principles taught to them by one of the foremost Communist revolutionary labor leaders of the 1950’s and 1960’s. This farm labor union was well known for its tactics of intimidation, terrorism, and other criminal acts against farmers and ordinary farm labors to force them, against their will, to join the union. You know this union is capable of carrying out this threat. You verify many facts the women have told you and find there is a very significant criminal case here, including forced prostitution, sexual assault, kidnaping, and several cases of robbery and extortion. The only problem is the two women are afraid to go to the police and want you to talk to the police for them.When you talk with your supervisor, the supervisor tells you not to get involved and just turn it over to the police. You explain the two women will not do this without you. The supervisor tells you she use to march with this farm labor union when she was a student at UC Berkeley and as far as your supervisor is concerned these two women are traitors to the cause. The supervisor then gives you a direct order not to have any further contact with these two women. You are stunned at what your supervisor just stated and you recognize that your supervisor is a very naive, former Berkeley radical left over from the 1960’s. You cannot just ignore these criminal acts, for your job is to serve as an advocate for victims. So what do you do now???? Your Assignment 1. Clearly and concisely DEFINE THE PROBLEM. 2. THOROUGHLY IDENTIFY AND DISCUSS all of the possible ALTERNATIVES you could use to solve this ethical/professional problem. 3. For each alternative you have selected, you must accurately FORECAST ALL OF THE POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES (pro and con) of each alternative. 4. Lastly you must state clearly which alternative (or combination of alternatives) you would select to solve this problem and you must then CLEARLY DEFEND YOUR CHOICE! GRADING You will be graded on the following criteria: 1. Did you adequately describe and define the problem? 2. Did you fully develop all of the alternatives available to you and fully detail the consequences of each? 3. Did you provide a logical, well thought-out explanation of which alternative (s) you would use to solve this professional decision and did you provide a clear and concise defense of that choice? 4. Is your paper typed, double spaced, neat, use excellent grammar and spelling, and is it presented in a logical manner free from fragmented sentence structure or thought?You must follow the APA Publication Manual of Style. As per the APA Manual, you must include a cover page, abstract, and reference page citing your sources.