** you may pick whatever source you find appropriate such as TV-adds, magazine …etc, but please keep it PG-13 . ** detailed assignment is attached .Also a sample is included in the same word doc

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Advertisement Review
Critically evaluate a food- or nutrition-related advertisement. The advertisement can be
from television, magazine, newspaper, or internet. You may use the Internet to research
the product being sold. Be sure to include the following in your paper:
1. How the advertisement attempts to influence food choices.
2. What audience is being targeted?
3. What attributes of the product are emphasized?
4. What mechanism is used to hold your attention?
5. How factual is the information?
6. What is used to lend credibility to advertiser’s claims?
7. What part of the truth remains undisclosed?
8. How effective is the advertisement?
Your report should be 2-3 pages of 12-pt double-spaced text with 1”-margins. . Also
include a copy of the advertisement if it came from a magazine or newspaper.
Also, to help those people who do not know what the TA expects in the paper I have
attached a sample paper along with the grade.
Advertisement Review
In my HN&F 126 class we were required to evaluate a food-related
advertisement. The advertisement was evaluated on its attempts to influence food
choices, what audience is being targeted, what attributes of the product are emphasized,
what mechanism is used to hold your attention, how factual is the information, what is
used to lend credibility to advertiser’s claims, what part of the truth remains undisclosed,
and how effective is the advertisement. Aquafina bottled water is the food-related item
evaluated in this paper.
The commercial attempts to influence people to buy Aquafina bottled water by
promising it contains nothing. They say there are no minerals, calories, or fat in their
product. Also, the background of the commercial shows water from the bottle being
poured and flowing down the screen to a glass. This is designed to give the viewers a
visual impression of how pure Aquafina is that it contains nothing.
The audience being targeted is people who are concerned with their health. Since
most people in this country are concerned with their health it makes sense to target them.
Because Aquafina promises nothing in their product these people will think it is better for
them than other bottled water products.
The only attribute of Aquafina being emphasized is the promise that it is so pure
that it contains nothing. They say there are no minerals, calories, or fat in their product.
In the commercial they repeat both of these facts several times.
The mechanism that is used to hold your attention is basically looks. In the
commercial they have a young man standing on stage telling the audience about nothing.
Also, the background of the commercial shows water from the bottle being poured and
flowing down the screen to a glass. This visual is to make the audience think how pure it
The information on their product must be correct because they showed a close-up
of the nutrients on the bottle and it had zeros on each category. They give credibility to
their product by comparing it to tap water and other bottled fuel. The commercial tells
the audience that these other waters are not a good as theirs because they contain
minerals. But, they never show any evidence of this. All you have to go on is their word.
Some things in the commercial remain undisclosed. Like the fact that people
need calories, fats, and minerals in their diet. Also, they did not show any other nutrient
labels from other products to prove their fact. In the commercial they said that their
product did not contain calories or fat. I do not know of any water, unless it is flavored
or nutrient enhanced, that contains calories or fat.
At first I did not think that Aquafina’s commercial was very convincing in trying
to get people to buy their product. They did not give enough proof in my mind that their
product was better than any other bottled water product. But, I was surfing the Internet
the other day and found some information on Aquafina. It turns out that sales from
Aquafina have risen 71% since airing their new commercials on nothing.
Normally I do not pay much attention to commercials period because you cannot
believe anything they say most of the time. But when I do I am shocked. I could not
believe that a company was trying to sell a product based on nothing. The fact that their
sales went up 71% since airing those commercials surprises me even more. Do people
really think that if a product contains nothing it is good for you? Sometimes the public
just amazes me in their logic.
The Grade for this paper was 90%.

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