As we start the class, find an event management trend and comment on the trend. This can be a trend from 2017 or 2018 that you think never panned out or one that was right on target. Some trade magazines have included articles on 2019 trends. Try looking at MeetingsNet, Convene, Successful Meetings as some possible resources. You might also look at for his thoughts on meeting and event technology. Please come back in to comment on some trends found by your classmates.

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Student 1:
I think an event trend that prominently displayed itself was that of fostering sustainable events.
There is a firm consensus that meetings and events produce large amounts of waste which lead
to harmful effects on the environment. Hotels, for example try to tackle this issue by
incorporating sustainability as part of company wide corporate social responsibility efforts
(Mendez, 2018). Global companies including Hilton, Marriott, and others have initiatives in
place where they try to limit the amount of water used during events and guest stays. One way
they implement this is by offering guests the option not to wash their towels if they think that
they don’t need to be washed. In addition, newer properties are gaining LEED certification.
Radisson Blu has taken sustainability initiatives to the next level expressing efforts to push for
Carbon-Free Meetings. According to Meetings Today, in May of 2017 Radisson Blu launched its
new initiative “Blue Planet for Meetings” with the objective of making meetings carbon-free at
all Radisson Blu hotels worldwide. The project is in line with supporting the United Nations
Sustainable Development goals.
Student 2 :
2018 had an exciting boost of venue trends. For example, the industrial, warehouse and open
floor had become very popular for locations for events, especially with the modern and steel
look for the roof with high beams and drapes. In addition, the rustic barn vibe for weddings had
become the latest fashion piece for brides. According to the article by Will Curran, “2018 Event
Trends That Will Shape the Events Industry,” (2017), explains that unique venues will make a
bold and memorable statement for your guests. Curran states, Conventional layouts still exist,
like theaters and classrooms; “however, these aren’t what you would want for your upcoming
events if you don’t want to give your audience a single opportunity to get bored” (2017). This
trend of out of the normal venues was on target for the events industry.
Curran, W. (2017). 2018 event trends that will shape the events industry. Retrieved from

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