1. Using the following diagram, write a SQL Statement to find all books written by authors with the Jim in their name.2. 2. Using this diagram, What does the following SQL Statement do?SELECT a.name, Count (ab.book_id) FROM authors AS a, authors_books AS ab WHERE a.id = ab.author_id GROUP BY a.name3. How many columns and rows would the following query return? SELECT * FROM PERSON WHERE PayPerHour > 124.Describe what the following SQL Statement does, and show its result. SELECT p.LastName, p.FirstName, j.Name FROM JOBS AS j, JOB_ASSIGNMENT AS ja, PERSON AS p WHERE j.JobID = ja.JobID AND ja.PersonID = p.PersonID AND p.FirstName LIKE ‘J%’Which SQL Statement would which publishers have an id less than 4?

SELECT nameFROM publishersWHERE id < 4 SELECT *FROM publishersWHERE id < '4' SELECT nameFROM publishersWHERE id = 4 SELECT nameFROM publishersWHERE id = '4'Write an SQL Statement to show what books and authors were published by "Prentice Hall"