1st or 3rd person point of view WHAT: Using evidence from your own observations, write a descriptive essay that proves a specific insight about a person or place for a general reader unfamiliar with the topic. 2. BRAINSTORM: After you have gathered evidence through observation, make an idea map and see what emerges as the focal point through which you want the reader to see your profile subject. Please see the thesis statement example below. 3. THESIS: Create a working thesis statement to guide organization of the essay’s paragraphs. Example: After watching how carefully my yoga instructor does poses and listening to her explanations, I see that she believes yoga not only helps people physically, but also helps people live a psychologically compassionate way. 4. RHETORICAL STRUCTURE: The essay will need: An introductory paragraph that hooks the reader and ends with the thesis statement. In each paragraph, write a topic sentence that connects to your thesis statement. Develop each paragraph with sensory details from your observations to support each of your topic sentences.Conclude your essay: This may be a final scene or description you want to show the reader that drives home the focal point of your essay. 5. REVISE the entire document several times to ensure you have conveyed your thoughts clearly, you have developed your paragraphs with details, and you have shown logical transitions from one paragraph to the next.This assignment does not require outside research; the finished essay should not need in-text citations or a References page. The assignment does not require an abstract. The assignment does, however, require a properly formatted APA cover page.