Answer only ONE of the below questions:James K. Polk is often considered to be the most important one-term president in American history. Do you agree or disagree? Why?orWhat do you believe to be the primary reason for the coming of the Civil War?orWhat, in your opinion, was the most important battle of the Civil War?orDo you believe the Reconstruction of the South was a success or a failure…or somewhere in between? Explain.Post your response of (minimum) 250 words in a neat, detailed, and thoughtful fashion. Then respond to at least two other student posts in a meaningful way (a minimum of 50 words each). You must post in YOUR OWN WORDS (no copying/pasting from the internet, etc.)

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First student’s answer
James K. Polk is often considered to be the most important one-term president in American
history. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
From my perspective, I totally agree that James K. Polk is the most important one – term
president in American history. So firstly, let me introduce him.
James K. Polk was born on November 2nd, 1795 in North Carolina, USA, he was a US politician
and attorney. He was also the 11thpresident of the United States. He was once a loyal disciple
of Andrew Jackson. He became a first black horse president in the 1844 election. In the short
four – year term, James K. Polk made a significant contribution to his own country: reducing
tariffs; restoring an independent treasury; resolving the Oregon border; and acquiring the
California region.
For his first accomplishment – reducing tariffs, James K. Polk in order to resolve the long –
standing tariff disputes between the South and the North, he decided to completely change the
tariff policy and proceeded to draft a new tariff law, which was officially adopted by the National
Assembly in 1846. This tariff law is often referred to as free trade tariffs. It is one of the lowest
tariffs in American history at that time. For this matter, I also think that Polk was one of the most
diligent and efficient American presidents in American history.
But Polk was too busy with his political career and neglected his physical health. He was a
president with great enthusiasm and energy, but he was exhausted when he left the public
office at the age of 53. After he stepped down as president, he returned to the state of
Tennessee. In less than four months, Polk died in Nashville.
Second student’s answer
What, in your opinion, was the most important battle of the Civil War?
I believe that the most important battle of the Civil War was the Battle of Gettysburg. This battle
took place on July 1-3, 1863 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It involved the Union and the
Confederate Army. General Robert E Lee planned an attack from Virginia to Pennsylvania to
invade the North in hopes of getting European countries to recognize the Confederacy and
discourage the Northerners. The Civil War was mostly over the issue of slavery. It was allowed
for white people to own black slaves. President Lincoln did not support slavery and was actively
trying to abolish all slavery. It caused a divide between the country because many people in the
North agreed with Lincoln’s opinion on abolishing slavery. However, people in the South of the
United States did not agree with Lincoln because they relied so heavily on slaves to take care of
their crops and farms. The Civil War officially started when eleven southern states left the Union
and created the Confederate States of America. General Robert E Lee believed that if the South
had won another battle then the North would forfeit, so they marched up to Gettysburg from
Virginia. Residents left the area, leaving everything deserted. The Union were outnumbered
when the Confederates first arrived, which forced them to retreat. The next day they came back
stronger and outnumbered the Confederates by almost twenty thousand soldiers. On the third
and final day, General Lee planned one last attack but it failed, leaving a majority of that group
injured or killed. The amount of total casualties can be counted up to fifty one thousand. The
Battle of Gettysburg was ultimately the turning point in the Civil War. The victory for the Union
meant that the war would finally come to an end. That would also mean the end of slavery. This
led Lincoln to write his famous, “The Gettysburg Address”.

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