Answer only ONE of the below questions:In your opinion, which battle of the Revolutionary War had the greatest impact on the outcome of the war?orDiscuss the importance of any ONE of the “Founding Fathers” (it can be a prominent one like Washington, Madison, Jefferson, etc or a lesser known one like Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, James Otis, etc.)orCompare and contrast the competing visions for America held by Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Are these views still relevant today?orWas the overall outcome of the War of 1812 a defeat, tie, or victory for the United States? Explain your opinion.Post your response of (minimum) 250 words in a neat, detailed, and thoughtful fashion. Then respond to at least two other student posts in a meaningful way (a minimum of 50 words each). You must post IN YOUR OWN WORDS (no copying/pasting from the internet, etc.). To receive credit, you must post your discussions by the due date! (Late posts will not be given credit).


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First student answer
The result of the War of 1812 was not expected, British people took
a big advantage on sea war. However, United States dominates the front
line in Canada. In 1814, United States and England signed << Treaty of Ghent>> to stopped the war, the warring parties return to normal
life. This war is the first and only one time so far, so that the United
States capital was once occupied by foreign troops. In my opinion, the
War of 1812 was a victory, even United States failed to overcame the
England and incorporate Canada into its own country. This war is not
only the first war after United States been independent,But also this war
earned the United States a Very high international reputation and
inflamed the patriotic zeal of the American people. This war had big
influence of manufacturing industry in United states. During the war, the
British blockage of ports to the United states has led to a shortage of
textiles. But this situation lead to the developing of manufacturing
industry. This is a big step of the developing of American’s economic.
Also, after the war ended, The United States Military Academy started to
training of professional soldiers and officers, gives United States a large
number of military talented people. The fighting in the southwest region
intensified the conflict between the United States and the local aboriginal
tribes, and the United States subsequently annexed Florida in 1819. This
would be the biggest step in United States history.
Second student answer
In my opinion, the American Revolutionary War in all revolutionary wars was
the revolution that had the greatest impact on the world at that time.
Before and after the outbreak of the war, although capitalism had developed to
a certain extent, the North American colonies were in the initial stage of
capitalism, and their overall strength could not be compared with the British
sovereign countries. On the other hand, however, the North American colonies
also have their own unique advantages, which play an increasingly important
role in the war and ultimately promote the transformation of the strengths and
weaknesses of the warring parties. First, the UK takes a long time to reach
North America. Second, it was not familiar with the environment and
geography of North America at the time. Third, the British army did not have
enough supplies at the time. All of this greatly limited the ability of the British
army to function and eventually led to the British army failing in this war.
Finally, the American Revolutionary War was the first large-scale colonial war
in the history of the world to fight for national independence. The victory of the
War of Independence freed the United States from British colonial rule,
achieved national independence, and created the world’s first federal
presidential republic: (United States of America) and established a more
democratic political system. It promoted the modern bourgeois-democratic
revolution in the European continent and Latin America set an example for the
national independence movement of the Latin American people and promoted
the European revolution of the 18th century. An example was set for the Latin
American colonial national war of independence.

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