ASSIGNMENT #2: Research Assignment Select A criminal procedure-Related topic of your choice. Locate one journal article that supports your position and one that does not support our position. You Can use peer Reviewed journal articles retrieved from the following EKU Library Database: Criminology A SAGE Full Text Collection (SAGE Journals Online and/or Westlaw). You Are not strictly limited to this database, but are specifically restricted from using Wikipedia Or similar encyclopedic sources. You May also use the Internet for research, but you must attach the articles to your assignment. Write a 1-2 page paper describing your position and the article’s conclusions. Be sure to outline the principle tenets that were supported and those that were not. After Analyzing the opposing positions, state your concluding thoughts. Possible Topics Stop-and-frisk Waterboarding Bail schedules Jury Selection: Representation And Fairness Mistrials Death penalty Exclusionary Rule reform Prisoners’ rights Mental Illness and crime Racial profiling Wrongful convictions Immigration And crime Drug courts