“Revivalism is the movement that promotes periodic spiritual intensity in church life, during which the unconverted come to Christ and the converted are shaken out of their spiritual lethargy. Often leading to social and moral reform activities, revivalism was one of the chief characteristics of American Protestantism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and still retains a powerful influence in many quarters. “Social and moral reforms are intimately tied to revivalism, reaching a peak of influence in the “benevolent empire” of reform societies in the antebellum era. Revivalism also gave support to the lay, student and faith mission movements of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.” (294-295)Reid, D. G.., Linder, R. D.., Shelley, B. L.., Stout, H. S. ., & Noll, C. A.. (1995). Concise dictionary of Christianity in America. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press. We have studied and discussed both the Great Awakening of the 1700’s and the Second Great Awakening of the 1800’s in this course. Each had a profound impact upon the nation spiritually, socially, and politically. We also see that there were tensions between the ideals of the Gospel, as seen in the established Church, and the methodologies of the evangelists and revivalists of those eras. Arguing from course texts and outside sources, as well as Biblical references…Define what we mean when we speak about a “Great Awakening” in the Unites States. Give specific examples from American history to support the characteristics expressed in your definition.Explain from the two Great Awakenings how these revivals brought salvation and transformed lives (repentance and holy living) to the people that responded. Demonstrate that the generalizations you express are validated with historical facts.Describe how these awakenings brought spectacular growth to the Church in their day. Specific examples are expected to authenticate your claims.Evaluate how these revivals lead to greater ministry in their communities and greater mission around the globe. Be specific in your documentation of these historical facts.Reflect upon the importance of a future Third Great Awakening in America and the changes it could bring to the culture, politics, and social order of the nation over the next 100+ years of its history.Response Paper: Please write a 3-5-page paper APA format, that describes the 5 specifics listed in the above description. Reference your paper with ALL of the following: