After studying some important functions of quality management, compare and contrast clinical quality assessment, utilization management, and risk management. In your analysis, make sure to address(The material to answer the question is attached)the purpose of each function; some of the activities involved in each function; and how an HIM professional can be involved in each function. Below is the set up of the question. I am providing the outline for the 1st question as below (The information that you need is attached). Clinical Quality Assessment
Purpose or definitionActivities
Utilization Management
Purpose or definitionActivities
Risk Management
Purpose or definitionActivities
How an HIM professional can be
involved in each function (Please address at least one function either
clinical quality assessment, utilization management or risk management.)
After studying the patient census,
occupancy rate, and length of stay, discuss which of these measures can
best be used to support the function of utilization management. Why do
you think so?