Assignment #1Before you begin the readings for the course, write a brief personal history of your experiences and/or impressions of Disney and Disney products. While your paper will be based on your own experiences and thoughts, it still should be well written and thoroughly thought out. Your paper should be about 2 pages, double-spaced and must be submitted on Canvas by Wednesday, Jan. 9, 12 noon. The following questions may help you in preparing your paper, although you do not need to respond to all of these questions.•What does “Disney” mean to you?•What was the first Disney film you saw? When? What was your reaction(s)?•Have you been to Disneyland/Walt Disney World/Tokyo Disney/Disneyland Paris/Hong Kong Disneyland/Shanghai Disneyland? What were your reactions?•Have you ever been given, owned or wanted any Disney products (toys, clothing, etc.)? •What is your favorite Disney character? Why?•What do you think of the Oregon Duck?•Did you (or do you still) watch Disney films/ television programs? •What other Disney activities are you aware of?•Did you (or do you still) read Disney comics? •How would you compare Disney cartoons or comics to others?•What is your impression of Walt Disney (the person)? the Disney Company? the name “Disney”?•Why are you interested in studying/ understanding Disney?