“Discuss SPC Tools and Continual Improvement”- i want you to answer this question in two different students opinion ( should be different answers)- also i want you to reply to other students opinion * First one SPC tools are used to help companies keep quality in exceptional shape. SPC tools are used to remove as much variation from a process as possible. This will keep unnecessary costs down. A company should always try to improve, even if their quality is already good. Continual improvement keeps a company competitive in the market and yields great results in cost, time, and quality. Continual Improvement uses SPC tools to keep processes in control and help find and eliminate variation that will cost money, time, and possible loss of customers. So in short, Continual Improvement uses SPC tools to help keep the company competitive and to always promote and up the quality standards. * second one Statistical Process Control (SPC) simply is a method used to obtain data so that quality can be assured during the manufacturing process. SPC is used to ensure that the process of manufacturing is efficient controlling waste, retool and rework. This industry standard uses SPC tools where data is gathered and monitored during the duration of manufacturing. This real-time data is essential to quality, manufacturing cost, profitability and customer’s satisfaction.