Discuss body language and actions that can impact people’s perceptions of service by non-verbal attributes. How do customers evaluate body language of employees? What are some positive non-verbal actions employees can do to make guests feel comfortable? What are some negative non-verbal actions employees can do that makes a guest feel uncomfortable. (400 words required. See direction sheet as a reminder for all directions)i uploaded directions.

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HMD 253 – Hospitality Service Management
Distance Education
Direction sheet for Discussion topics.
Objective: Discussion topics are mini essay type papers designed to open your mind to some of
the complex and often challenging aspects of delivering good customer service. These are topics
that in live class we dive into. Not all topics will be found in your book. You may need to search
the internet and your mind for these topics. Answer all topics with your OWN thoughts. There
are no bad ideas, but stolen ideas are not accepted. What does the topic mean to you? What do
you perceive the best way to approach these topics would be? Think about your own experiences
as you answer each topic and complete all aspects asked in the question. Plagiarism will result in
a zero grade.
Requirements: Students are required to turn-in via CANVAS a minimum of 400 word essay for
each of the 6 discussion topics. Point deductions will be taken for going under the 400 word
requirement. No penalty will be given for going above the 400 word requirement. Discussion
topics must be answered in their entirety and the essay must stay within the topic being asked.
Grammar and spelling should be checked prior to posting answer. This is an individual
discussion. You will not be reading other students essays. Make sure your essays are formatted
with a beginning, middle and end. They should be easy for the professor to read and understand
your answer. Point deductions will be taken for jumping all over or having an essay that is hard
to understand. Students are NOT required to use outside research to answer their discussion
question, but if a student does use outside sources the work must be sited. Severe point
deductions will be taken for not crediting outside resources used (this includes passages taken
from webpages).
Grading: The 6 discussions are required and a maximum of 20 points can be earned for each
discussion. Point deductions will be taken for not fully answering the question, severe grammar
and spelling issues, not crediting outside work used, plagiarism or using stolen work, hard to
follow essays, going off topic, repeating the same answer, and not reaching the required 400
work minimum.
Availability and Due Dates: All discussions are due on the date shown on the syllabus. NO
discussion questions on the first day of class and can turn in their answers anytime up until the
due date shown on the syllabus. Grades will be posted AFTER the due date. Please allow up to
14 days for grades to be posted. Discussions are due on Mondays by 11:59 pm (Tuesdays in the
event of a Monday holiday). Check your syllabus schedule for exact due dates and plan to turn
everything in by the due date shown.
*Note: Discussion posts MUST be turned in via the assignment section on CANVAS. No other
places will be accepted. I will NOT grade essays e-mailed to me!

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