All sources and references (reading assignments, video assignments, and external sources) should be listed with full information. Please look for the below sources and the files attached. Reading:…Vids: You should provide at least 2 sources per question.1) What is HTML?2) What is CSS?3)What is JavaScript?4)Discuss: What this page does? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.5) Run the sample below code in HTML section of You can replace all the code with the code below, then click “Run” button on the top. Discuss: What this code does? Add your screenshot.6)Modify the code in order to display your favorite food list. Add your screenshot. Please note that questions 5 & 6 were done for you so you don’t have to run codes or anything, There are attached below. But you should explain what the code does? Again, Both screen shots for 5&6 are provided in the attached files.



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Information Systems
Information Systems in Business
James Lee
made of one or more computer programs
Software Engineering
Program Translator
Compiler vs. Interpreter
JavaScript Example

A computer program is a list of instructions that tell a computer
what do do
A computer program is written in a programming language
Programming is the action or process of writing computer program
A programming language is a formal constructed language
designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a
Python, Java, C++, Ruby, Javascript
Top Programming Languages

” refers to an executable sequence of instructions that can be directly run
by a computer (as opposed to a library, which can only be run by an outside program).
“Program” and ”
” are mostly interchangeable, though “Application”
almost always refers to a program for a specific task that has some kind of user interface
(as opposed to services/daemons, drivers, etc.).

” is an umbrella term for all computer instructions, whether it be a
program, library, framework, OS, or sometimes even the code itself.

” is just a useful piece of electronic hardware, usually handheld, often shiny
and overpriced.
Software Engineering

Software engineering is the application of engineering to the
design, development, implementation and maintenance of
software in a systematic method
Software Types:

System Software (operating system) is a type of computer
program that is designed to run a computer’s hardware and
application programs – Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, etc.
Application software resides above system software and includes
database programs, word processors, spreadsheets, etc.
Program Translator
Translator Types

Assembler translates assembly language into machine code. Assembly
language consists of mnemonics so assemblers perform a 1:1
translation from mnemonics to a direct instruction
Compiler is a computer program that translates code written in a high
level language to a lower level language, object/machine code, creating
an executable program – C, C++, COBOL
Interpreter executes other programs directly and is are written for
multiple platforms (meaning code written once can be run immediately
on different systems without having to recompile for each) – Python,
Ruby, PHP
Compiler vs. Interpreter
JavaScript Example in HTML 5

var text = “”;
var food = [“Pizza”, “Beans”, “Tacos”, “Fish”, “Chicken”];
var i;
for (i = 0; i < food.length; i++) { text += "I love " + food[i] + "
document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML = text;

/*answer!’); $(‘.bullet-points’).show(); } function become_a_tutor(){ $(‘.student-to-show’).addClass(‘hidden’); $(‘.tutor-to-show’).removeClass(‘hidden’); $(‘#user-type’).val(‘2’); //Changes the left-split background image $(‘#user-action-register’).closest(‘.popup-template’).find(‘.left’).css(‘background-image’, ‘url(/img/backgrounds/tutor_bg.jpg)’); $(‘#user-action-register’).closest(‘.popup-template’).find(‘.h2-heading’).text(‘Tutor On Studypool’); $(‘#user-action-register’).closest(‘.popup-template’).find(‘.sub-heading’).html(‘Apply for an account to start working online.’); $(‘.bullet-points’).hide(); } function socialSignup(provider, type) { // base url var baseURL = ‘/users/oauth’; // provider var completeURL = baseURL + ‘?provider=’ + provider; // type completeURL = completeURL + ‘&type=’ + type; // Callback url for notebank completeURL = completeURL + ‘&callback_url=’ + encodeURIComponent(location.pathname + + location.hash) window.location = completeURL; } $(‘#login-flow-registration-form’).submit(function(e) { $(‘#register-button’).attr(‘disabled’, true); }); function open_login(){ $(‘#user-action-login’).closest(‘.popup-template’).removeClass(‘hidden’); close_register(); } function close_login(){ $(‘#user-action-login’).closest(‘.popup-template’).addClass(‘hidden’); } function resetPassword() { close_login(); $(‘#forgotPasswordPopup’).modal(‘show’); } function socialLogin(provider) { // base url var baseURL = ‘/users/oauth’; // provider var completeURL = baseURL + ‘?provider=’ + provider; // Callback url for notebank completeURL = completeURL + ‘&callback_url=’ + encodeURIComponent(location.pathname + + location.hash) window.location = completeURL; } $(‘#login-form’).submit(function(e) { $(‘#login-button’).attr(‘disabled’, true); }); jQuery(function($) { jQuery(‘a[rel=”tooltip”]’).tooltip(); jQuery(‘a[rel=”popover”]’).popover(); $(function() { var date = new Date(); //add cookie to see where the user FIRST came to if(!$.cookie(‘origin’)) { //set expires date to 3 days to give them time to verify email $.cookie(‘origin’,’question resell’, { expires: date.getTime() + (72*60*60*1000), path: ‘/’ }); } //also track page views to the ‘origin’ pages‘question resell’); }); jQuery(” .timeago”).timeago([]); }); /*]]>*/

Difference between Compiler and Interpreter

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