1.Identify and describe three examples of human mobility that have global impacts (12 points)2.Provide three examples on how human activities impact on global environment today (12 points) 3.Why tourism is a geographical phenomenon in nature? (8 points) 4.Based on what you have learned during the first two classes, please formulate your three research questions (3 points for each question) and provide answers to them (3 points for each answer) (18 points in total) All homework assignment must be TYPED. You are required to finish your own work. If two papers have very similar (or same responses) to another one, both will lose points. Put your Name, ID, and Date of Assignment (1/23/2019), and bring your completed work in a physical copy to the class on 1/30/2019. Late finish homework will be subject to 10% off points and it will NOT be accepted after two weeks on 2/6/2019.