BCJ 2201 Board question Unit VII My classmate wrote this ad I have to comment on it I feel that the Beijing Rules have a more “caring” approach when it comes to the handling of juveniles. Not to be confused with leniency because the juvenile is still held accountable for their actions but these rules were created with the intent of little law involvement. It appears confining the juvenile is not the goal, rehabilitation and community involvement is their approach in protecting the peace. In addition to their peacekeeping, they are quite organized in competency which further aids in consistency. As far as limitations are concerned, what approach will be implemented when rehabilitation and community involvement fails? Violent acts are continuing to increase across the world, will training centers and institutions be enough? Overall, I like the Beijing Rules. I feel that the United States could take the Beijing Rule’s positive approaches and implement them into their own processes. This specific rule I find very heartwarming: “Sufficient attention shall be given to positive measures that involve the full mobilization of all possible resources, including the family, volunteers and other community groups as well as schools and other community institutions, for the purpose of promoting the well-being of the juvenile, with a view to reducing the need for intervention under the law, and of effectively, fairly and humanely dealing with the juvenile in conflict with the lawBCJ 2201 Board Question Unit VIIIDiscuss how the concepts in this course can be applied to real-world situations or increase your chances of career or life success.BCJ 2501 Unit VII Board Question My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it:Seeing the effects of drugs can give affect an individual’s judgement on the issue. The drugs that are classified as illegal should not be permitted to be legal for use. There would be no control on how the drugs are handled or distributed. Children would start using and could be injured more due to the lack of control. With the drugs altering the minds of the individual, there is no way of knowing how it is going to effect the emotional state or what could happen while on the drug. The police force would have to be increased to monitor how and who is actually using according to what the limits are. In my opinion, with the overcrowding of the prison facility, use the three-strike rule on illegal drug violations. The way to ensure compliance for the user of the drug is through testing and re-habilitation. If the individual comes positive on a drug test three times during the program then send him or her to prison. In the prison system, many who are there for drug use become worse or start using heavier drugs, what ever they can get their hands on. Sending somebody for drug use to prison, would not be liable idea. A distributor of illegal drugs is better sent to prison, with hasher sentence than they are getting now. The actions of the distributor lead to multiple injuries and deaths. This should require a stricter punishment than a user.BCJ 2501 Board Question Unit VIIMy Classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it I think we should legalize everything. It will increase the usuage but at the same time I think it will cut down on the crime. I live in a very high crime area. It all has to deal with drugs. If we take the drugs away from the drug dealers then what are they going to have? If we have someone watching someone who is shooting up it will cut down on the narcan use an save money in that aspect. We won’t have as many overdose in a year like we have now. In my state we don’t have any drug that is legal. So I think if we make some drug laws that will keep the petty offenders out of jails and the population of jails a lot lower. Yes the mind-altering drugs are very addicting. But I don’t think we will ever live in a society where we have no drugs. So I think making drugs safer to use , and keeping the needles off the street where little kids can’t find them. And keeping the drugs in a safe place. Then we could all live in a better/safer society.BCJ 2501 Unit VIII Board QuestionShould regulating Internet activity be left to individuals (parents, industry trade groups, etc.) or should it be something the government controls? Give examples and explain your reasoning as to who should control it.BCJ 2501 Unit VIII My Classmate Wrote This And I have to comment on it:Just my 2¢ on this but The internet is another medium by which we communicate with each other. I feel the current laws regulating speech/communication can be applied to the Internet. I was taught many years ago before the Internet when I reference a source I have to use a credible source. I can’t do a paper on nuclear fusion and use my mother and her canasta friends as my resources since they do not have any verifiable standing in the field. The Internet is no different. We just became more gullible and feel a snazzy website means they must be legit. look how many people fall for the stories on THE ONION. Defamation and libel still apply to the Internet it is just harder to tell who on the internet is the nutjob with the sandwich board and who isn’t.As for the government controls the international nature of the Internet is going to create a problem. We would have to get multiple nations to agree to legal standards and regulations. This would undermine certain countries whose finances are bolstered by payments from what we deem illicit activity.