Directions:Choose two PST skills that meet the needs of your team or specific situation.Communication skillsImagery skillsRelaxation skillsStress management skillsManaging psychic energyAttentional skillsSelf-Confidence and goal-setting skillsDevelop a four week PST program that includes:educationacquisitionpracticeIdentify your specific needs and the time you are willing to commit to PST.The following outline can help you organize your thoughts. Your project may include this information and should be written specific to your team’s needs or situation. Remember, this is your project, personalize it, design it to meet your needs. Write it as you would like to implement your training program.Introduction: the setting for your PST program.Team information.Sport, size of team, skill level, age, number of assistants, etc.Team and athletes needs assessment.What two psychological skills will you introduce and why?PST program objectives and goals.Any obstacles you must overcome?How will you evaluate your PST program?Mandatory or volunteer?Orientation How will you present an overview of their PST program?When, where, how long?Activities, if any are planned.Approach you will take to encourage their presentation.Education Phase of PST.Importance of skills and their effect on performance.Key concepts for each skill.How skills will be taught and practiced.Identify self-evaluation tools for each skill.Goals for each skill; how athletes will set personal goals.Acquisition Phase of PST.Structure of training program.Individual or group sessions? Why?Supervised practice or independent practice?Why/Where and how much time for practice?Activities for each skill.Teaching progression for each skill.How will athletes monitor their progress?Practice Phase of PST.How skills will be integrated into practice; possibly competition?Outline and develop your four-week practice plan.Evaluation of PST program: how will you determine the success of your program?HERE IS EXAMPLE FROM INSTRUCTOR THE WAY IT SHOULD LOOK.