#Essay on user influence and motivationWrite a 1350~1500 words essay on a chosen topic related to influence and motivation; follow writing requirements below. Exercise class concepts and use a design perspective: How is what we’ve learned about motivation and persuasion used (or not) to build online community? Choose one topic from below:1.“Influence and Motivation in Reddit” 2.“The Online Dating Game” 3.“Persuading Others to Persuade: How Ello.co got so much attention” 4.“Instagram: Instant Motivation” 5.“Crowd-funding and Motivation” 6. “Getting Healthy with Hashtags”(Really Important!!!!!!)Use **below resources (use at least 2 of them)** (Which you think useful! )to as references & some other useful academic resources. Robert B. Cialdini, 2001, The science of persuasion, Scientific AmericanIan Leslie, 2016, “The scientists who make apps addictive”. Chad Whitacre, 2013, Resentmenthttps://gratipay.news/resentment-2c621dbd7541 Felicity Duncan, 2016, So long social media: the kids are opting out of the online public squareWriting requirementsThese assignments must be double-spaced, 12 point font, 1-inch margins.(One page contains approximately 250 words.) Pages must be numbered and stapled together. Citations must be in the APA style. No APA cover page is required.