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Final Exam BUS 150
This is your final exam. In this course we have discussed innovation from many perspectives. Now it’s
time to apply your learning from the course. The directions are as follows:
Each student’s task is to propose an innovative venture, whereby you dream big and adopt a “What If”
approach to this venture that you are proposing. The steps that you should take are as follows:
Part I
In part one you should identify and describe in detail your innovative venture.
Part II (Answer the following questions based on your innovative venture.)
Question #1
Utilizing what you have learned about yourself this term through exploration of your strengths,
aptitudes, purpose, and interests, propose an Individual Plan. In your individual plan, you should include
personal characteristics to best explain your talents, behaviors, and worldview. Consider the
opportunities around you and available to you for innovation.
Question #2
Explain the innovative mindset. What are the tenets of an individual or an organization to mindfully seek
innovation? Identify three value added solutions you propose for your innovative venture.
Question #3
A key strength for business leadership is to know what you do know what you do not know. Synthesize
business functions and the role of each of your proposed innovative venture. Select any three of the
business functions, and synthesize the role of each function and how it interplays with other pertinent
business functions for your venture.
Manufacturing: Production & Operations
Customer Service
Information Technology
Human Resources
Data Analytics
Question #4
Investigate the cultural implications of your innovative venture.

Is there an international component of your venture to take in consideration?
Are there cultural aspects of your venture’s demographics and target market to consider?
Innovation of the venture will have a social impact, or social responsibility. Is there another
cultural component that adds value to your venture, such as diverse employees?
Explain in detail how your innovative venture will successfully develop cultural awareness and
Note: Your paper should be written in APA format. Each one of your answers should be at least two
written paragraphs. If you retrieve answers in whole or part from a source you should provide APA
citations and references that documents the origin of the information.

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