400-600 wordsPart 1Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is all information that can be acquired from overt collection from all types of media and government reports, various organizations, and through the use of the Internet. Discuss the following:
What are the pros and cons of OSINT?
Include a short assessment of how OSINT relates to other sources of intelligence, such as human intelligence (HUMINT), signal intelligence (SIGINT), image intelligence (IMINT), and measurements and signature intelligence (MASINT). Part 2The ever-expanding intelligence community (IC) includes many new disciplines other than law enforcement, such as fire and emergency medical services (EMS). Discuss the following:
Define what the emerging IC means to you.
Select 2 homeland security (HLS) and public safety disciplines, and explain how those disciplines can play a role within the emerging IC and overall information sharing.
Discuss the emerging IC as it relates to a multidiscipline approach.
Are there expanding intelligence needs? If so, in what areas?