1-Methodology Write definition of Methodology (1 page).Chose PPDIOO methodology write The reason for choosing this methodology must be justified properly. With diagram.(2page)Write about 3 other methodology and compare it with PPDIOO methdology.2pqge You should write 5 page with diagram. 2- Communication Plan Write the communication plan use to do research paper in implementing internet of things in Oman.2 page .You should write in table the riskCategory ,Risk ,Leveland the solve, So in this part you should write about 10 may be risk happen.The risk will be Technical risk and Management risk for example(2 page)Which will use to in our project you should write accepting planExplain the accepting plan in details 3-Risk management plan 4-Accepting plan. (2 page). You should write (Deliverables, Criteria and 5- 0 % similarity and I need the references and citation as well.