Argumentative essay. 6 Paragraphs: Intro, Support 1, support 2, support 3, counterclaim, conclusion. I uploaded an example.

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Teachers/professors SHOULD have guns on campus
Prevent a possible attack/shooting on campus
Class could possibly feel safer
Professor could “protect” class
Teachers/professors SHOULD NOT have guns on campus
Support 1: Dangerous for students in class or anybody on campus
Allowing teachers to carry guns is a bad idea because if a student gets their hand on the weapon, people
could get hurt. Also, the professor might have personal issues that he/she might bring with them to
school. For example, if a teacher lost somebody close to them, or a lot of money, he could possibly use a
weapon and cause a shootout on campus. Furthermore, if the professor has a gun in the classroom, they
might accidentally fire off their weapon.
Support 2: Professor not trained to use a weapon
Another reason why professors shouldn’t use guns on campus is because they are not trained to use a
weapon. They have studied how to teach for so long and most of them don’t have enough skills or the
knowledge to train how to properly use weapons. Professors have a higher chance to have a negative
incident because they don’t use weapons as much as policemen who are trained. Moreover, professors
would learn how to use a gun during their free time instead of improving their craft (how to teach).
Support 3: Anybody on campus has access to the gun
Third, also, furthermore, in addition, finally, professors shouldn’t be allowed to have guns on campus
because anybody would have access to the gun. An example of that could be a student grabbing the gun
if the professor walks out of class for a bathroom break. This student could then start a shootout for
whatever reason they think is right. Another example could be if the professor comes to class angry
because of personal issues or problems at work. In that situation, a professor could lose their temper
and use the weapon in the classroom/on their students.
Some people might agree with allowing professors to have a gun on campus because they could prevent
a possible attack from a shooter (other side-provide an example). If a shooter comes in the classroom,
the professor would be able to confront the shooter and possibly save the life of his or her students.
This might not always be the case. Even though a shooter might be stopped by a professor with a gun,
having a gun is still a dangerous situation. Students would nervous and scared. (our side)
If you touch the hot stove, your finger will be burned.- FACT (not an option)
America’s Independence Day was on July 4th, 1776. FACT (not an option)
Pablo Escobar was a national hero in Colombia. Opinion- CAN ARGUE THIS POINT (good)
The USA is the greatest country in the world.- OPINION (good)
Topic that is interesting to YOU
Educators in the state of Florida should be paid better.
For the final essay
6 paragraphs:
Support 1
Support 2
Support 3

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