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Assignment 1
1. Identify and briefly discuss an example of an enterprise or interorganizational system with which
you have recently interacted.
2. What are the basic reasons that people resist change? How can this resistance be
3. In 2003, the United Kingdom’s Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) developed
the initial plan of work for the e-Borders program. In 2004, the British government signed
a three-year contract with IBM to deliver Project Semaphore, the first deliverable of the
e-Borders project. In the following years, new government agencies, such as the Joint
Border Operations Centre and the National Border Targeting Centre, were created to
implement e-Borders. Private contracts were awarded to Raytheon and other IT
companies to construct the IT infrastructure. Do research online to investigate where the
project went wrong during its 11-year history. Document the actions taken by both
government agencies and private companies.
4. What would it imply if, while performing a SWOT analysis, an organization could not
identify any opportunities? What if it could not identify any threats?
5. You were just hired to fill an entry-level position in the customer service organization of
a large retail store. You are completing the first day of new hire orientation when the
trainer shares with your class the set of organizational goals listed in the following
bulleted list. She asks you to identify which of the goals would be considered SMART
goals. What is your response?

Achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction within the next year.
Improve customer service by 50 percent.
Reduce customer complaints about mispriced merchandise from 12 per day to
less than 3 per day by June 30.

The customer is always right.

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