All questions should be answered with 300 words minimum and APA citations. Here is the book needed to answer the question:…Let me know if it works on your end. Thank you very much. ——————————————————–Chapter 3After reading chapter 7, read the managers toolbox on pg 237 (Legal Ethical Challenge/Apple). For your initial posting, support one of the four statement from the “Solving the Challange” (found at the end of the article). Be sure to identify which of the statements your are discussing. For your second post, find another student’s post that you do not completely agree with, and (politely) explain why. ——————————————————–Chapter 4Carefully review all of the learning material for this week. Then view the video extract from the movie 13 Going On 30 (Management in the movies , 2008, opens in new tab, runs 4:01).In your first post, discuss the team and group considerations in the movie clip. Consider what might managers try to accomplish here – for the good of the people and the organization? Assume that the dancer was a paid performer. In your second post respond to another student’s post.Apply critical thinking in applying your learning to the work and social actions in the movie. DO NOT assume that any other content from the original movie has *any* relevance. ———————————————————Chapter 5 Memo from your CEO:Your work so far had been very impressive and you have navigated a lot of assignments for our clients very well. As you know we are a learning organization and to help facilitate this, all of our consulting team members are given additional research to help the organization grow. We have received a consulting contract from a medium sized company that needs to help motivate their people. This Ted Talk should give you some good ideas for to a robust discussion among you to get some ideas flowing. In 300 words discuss the following, including headings for each question. For your responsive post, find another student’s post that motivates you and explain why (200 words). 1) Include 2 pros of this talk and discuss how it will help our client.2) Include 2 cons of this talk and discuss why to avoid them when we meet with our client.3) Self reflect a little and discuss whether you, as a leader, see yourself ‘daring to be different’.…———————————————————-Chapter 6After reading chapter 10, read the case: Management in Action (J C Penney) page 354.Consider all of the content in chapter 11 in your analysis of this case. Answer questions 1 and 2 in the book on page 355 as your initial post. ———————————————————–Chapter 7Carefully review all of the learning material in chapter 16 before responding to this discussion. View the video extract from the movie Blackhawk Down (Management in the Movies, 2008, opens in new tab, runs 3:33). The US military has a formal structure with advanced planning capabilities and centralized controls. However, the military of most other countries have strong autocratic controls. Against this backdrop, consider the need for control in achieving organizational objectives for a specific business or government department. In a nutshell; how does control enable or limit the ability of the organization to create value, reduced risks, and reduced costs – thereby achieving optimal outcomes. The cases on pages 584-585 of the text may provide you with ideas. Thank you for your work!