ANSWER THESE IN DISCUSSION FORMAT, 75-150 WORDS, EACH QUESTIONS NEEDS ITS OWN REFERENCE right behind the answer, this does not need to be in paper formatYou are a Brand Manager for a sneaker manufacturer (like Nike or New Balance), and you are using Facebook to reach college-age women and men over the age of 55-years-old. What three or four interests would you expect each segment to have when trying to reach them through Facebook? How could this information help guide your pricing strategy?How would you explain this? The price for a product is not just what you pay for itE-tailing has made shopping a whole new experience and some buying situations have changed astronomically – take real estate for example. Class, can you think of any other industry that has been impacted more than the process today of shopping for a home, compared to what it used to be??What is the relationship between price and value?Is a Cadillac more valuable than a Chevrolet…. or does it just cost more?Provide an example of how geographical location can affect your selection of distribution channels.The neat thing about the Internet is that, due to lower fixed costs, one can look like “BIG POTATOES”, but only be a one or two person operation!How would you differentiate between physical distribution and channel distribution?The Internet can be a fairly impersonal form of marketing, as opposed to a brick-and-mortar retail store that can be quite personal. One way for a website to create some personalization is to customize orders for its customers. Can you think of websites that do a really good job of making customized products for consumers? Tell us about it.