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International Marketing Plan
This evaluation task involves group work.
The task is about preparing a marketing plan to launch a product in an international
market situation. A fictional product can be selected based on what customer(s)
needs you are aiming to target and satisfy. Your marketing plan should contain all
aspects of product development, market research analysis along with future scope
for your product. (This product is a fictitious product that is not available on the
market or the Internet)
Marketing Plan Structure
1)Your plan should strictly be of 12-15 pages (excluding references and appendices).
Any write up more than that will attract a 10% penalty.
All exhibits should be double-spaced, with 2.5 cm margins and 12 point Times New
Roman font with Havard Style referencing.
A typical marketing plan contains A) Executive summary; B) Table of Content; C)
Product Introduction; D) Conclusion section and Future Scope; and other parts of the
plan as provided in the marking guide appendix 2. Your plan must be referenced using
at least 15 scholarly journal articles that deeply reflect all aspects of the product launch.
2)Your presentation ppt should have about 8 to 12 slides that provide a summary of
your report.

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