1. What advertising medium is most effective for reaching you as a consumer? Has that changed in the past five years? What do you think the most effective medium for advertising to you will be five years from now? 2. If you had to advertise a new product to your marketing classmates, what media would you choose and why? 3. Describe a company that you think does a poor job advertising. Why is its advertising ineffective? Anyone can criticize something that is not working, but those who offer creative solutions to fix advertising strategies that are broken have a bright future ahead. With this in mind, make two specific suggestions about how the company could improve its advertising.4. Imagine you are in charge of getting students at your school to attend a lecture on campus. Would you choose a contest or a sweepstakes as a tool for promoting the event and increasing attendance? Explain your answer. 6. Based on your understanding of reach and frequency, would you recommend a company advertise during the Super Bowl? Why or why not? Would your answer vary depending on the type of business running the ad?those questions from chapter 8 discussion questions from page 318Chapter 8 is page 291-319