A 2 to 3 pages psychology paper about body image, information about the paper is in the file included.

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My Body, Myself Reflection 1
Due Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2019
The goal of the first paper in The Science of Body Image is to get you thinking about your
current understanding of body image, including what it is and how it develops. In your
reflection paper, please address the following questions:
• What does the term “body image” mean to you?
• What have been the biggest influences on your body image?
• What do you think contributes to the development of body image disturbance, and
what contributes to the development of a positive body image?
Please also feel free to include other thoughts about body image. Know also that you do not
have to share anything with which you are not comfortable. Though I would encourage you
write a personal reflection about the topic, if you would prefer to speak more generally
about influences on body image, that is okay too.
Your reflection will be graded based on the extent to which you thoughtfully address each
of the questions listed above, adhere to the guidelines for the assignment with regard to
length and formatting, and follow standard conventions of writing.
Formatting: Your reflection should be 2-3 pages in length. It should be typed in 12-point
Times New Roman font and the text should be double spaced. Please use 1” margins all
around. Note that if you are using Microsoft Word, you will need to adjust the default
formatting. The default in Word typically includes a small amount of extra space between
paragraphs and uses a 1.25” margin on the left-hand side. You need to change these
settings to conform to the assignment. Please also use the following heading at the top of
your assignment:
My Body, Myself Reflection 1
Submission Guidelines: Reflections will be collected at the start of class on the due date.
Late submissions will be penalized 10% (one letter grade) for each 24-hour period that
elapses after the deadline. Please be sure to allow adequate time to print your essay before
the start of class.
• What does body
image mean to you?
• Influences on body
• Development of body
image disturbance
and positive body
o Essay is written in
12-point times New
Roman Font
o Text is double spaced
o Margins are 1” on all
o Heading is in the
correct format
o Essay is 2-3 pages
Writing Quality
Falls Below Minimum
Fails to address all aspects of
the prompt and/or does so in
a way that is lacking in
considerable detail or is
Meets Minimum
Addresses all aspects of the
prompt in a way that is
adequate. Could include
additional details or insights.
Exceeds Minimum
Addresses all aspects of the
prompt in a thoughtful,
detailed manner.
Essay contains two or more
minor formatting errors
and/or is less than 2 pages
Essay is generally formatted
correctly, but may include
one small error with regard
to font, spacing, margins, or
the heading. Essay is at least
2 pages long (but may be
more than 3 pages long).
Essay is formatted entirely
correctly, following all
directions listed at left.
Ideas are generally clear,
though organization or level
of detail could be improved.
Essay may include a couple
minor mechanical errors that
do not interfere with overall
Essay is well organized, with
a logical flow throughout.
Paper does not contain
mechanical errors (e.g.,
spelling, grammar,
Ideas are lacking in clarity
and essay may be difficult to
follow. Essay includes several
minor mechanical errors
and/or one or more major
mechanical errors that
interferes with readability.
_____ /75
_____ / 10
_____ / 15

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