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“Netiquette” Please respond to the following:
• Netiquette refers to the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the internet.
Here is an example for you to evaluate this week in our discussion:
o Your co-worker, Kevin, sent an email telling your supervisor that you were not doing
your part on a project. He also sent you an email filled with insults and profanity
about your work ethic and performance.
o How do you respond to Kevin in a professional way? Do you:
▪ Share your concerns with Kevin in front of everyone in the break room
▪ Avoid speaking to him all together
▪ Ask to meet with him privately and explain how it makes you feel
o Provide an explanation of your choice.
Tyler Frazier
RE: Week 3 Discussion
I would meet Kevin privately and explain how his email made me feel. I would never
want to intentionally embarrass someone in front of others, that has never been my
style. It has also never been my style to let someone walk all over me either. So, the
best option for me is to seek out Kevin and speak privately. By speaking privately, I can
clue Kevin in on a couple of things. One, the importance of netiquette in a professional
setting is all about the code of behavior for communicating online. So much is done
online from sharing information, connecting with others, used as a learning tool people
and because of that people need to be careful and concise about what is being
submitted. Failure to utilize netiquette can have negative effects on professional
relationships for employers and employees. By using netiquette, a person is showing
respect to all, and you are representing yourself.
Two, when you do not use netiquettes, things you send out may come back to bite
you. Once you hit submit, it is gone, and it’s permanent. I have seen people that try to
recall messages sent, but it is too late because I have already seen the email before the
recall takes place. So it is wise to pause and reread and rethink your message before
you submit or your name will be forever attached to a not so nice email that everyone
Lastly, by having poor conversation skills, the door to so many issues come waltzing
into our lives. When you have poor conversation skills, the result almost always results
in a lack of understanding. And when a person lacks understanding the only thing they
are doing is setting up a path to allow bad things to happen that will cause conflict.
When you have conflicts, you begin to have trust issues. When there is no trust, there is
no credibility.
My point to having good netiquette skills is that to have a good working relationship,
come to me with respectful behavior and communicate your needs with clarity. Just by
doing these two things an opportunity is created for personal and professional
development that makes for a less stressful environment for all involved.
Nicole Ragland
RE: Week 3 Discussion
This week’s discussion has struck a nerve with me. The reason is that I went through a
similar situation at my previous job. There are two essential things that need to be done
in this case. First, speak with Kevin privately and secondly, send an email to the
supervisor and copy Kevin.
Firstly, I would schedule a meeting with Kevin. In this meeting it would be an open
discussion where we both hash out any issues. I will also explain to Kevin the necessity
of being professional. Name calling and profanity will not be tolerated by me or anyone
in the office. I would advise on the netiquette required in a professional setting.
Secondly, I would email my supervisor and inform him or her the situation at hand. I
would let my supervisor know that Kevin and spoke privately and what the outcome
was. I would forward the profanity laden email Kevin sent and copy him on the email so
he will know what is being said.
At my last job, I had a Kevin who thought it was ok to speak and talk to fellow
coworkers, however. It wasn’t until I followed the two steps, I discussed above that
Kevin realized I wasn’t a push over and that I will be respected. Through netiquette I
was able to discuss with Kevin his concerns and behaviors. I was also able to let our
supervisor know what was discussed and showed proof of Kevin’s unprofessionalism.
By doing that the supervisor came down to our shop and had a meeting with Kevin,
explaining how unacceptable his actions were and how to take “corrective actions” to
alleviate this issue. Being able to communicate in a professional manner helps in all
aspects of one life.

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