answer each of the following questions, where each question include more than one part. Make sure to answer all the parts. EACH QUESTION should be 2 pages long. NO REFERENCES are required, no intext citation. Just answer the questions.Please I don’t need first page or anything, All what I need is put the first question and answer it. 1-Define the concepts of “New Imperialism” and “colonialism” and analyze them in terms of motives, their methods, and their place in the development of the world economy? How was this new imperialism different from the previous European expansion?2-Discuss the significance of the Paris Peace Conference. Who were the key individuals at that conference and what were their expectations? What was Wilson’s vision for “ the new world order?3- Discuss the causes and consequences of the Depression? Why were Mussolini and Hitler able to gain power and engage in territorial expansion with such ease prior to 1939?4- Discuss the causes and the consequences of the Cold War? What led to the collapse of the Soviet Union?TOTAL PAGE NUMBER =8, all should be answers to questions.