1 Exercises:Categorize several (at least three) types of dementia (5 points)Explain the relationship between strep throat and glomerulonephritis (5 points)Perform a literature search on urinary incontinence. How do the pathophysiologic characteristics and management of stress, urge, overflow, and mixed incontinence differ? Please cite at least two scholarly articles in addition to your textbook (10 points)2 Case StudyChoose and complete one of the following case studies in the Bruyere textbook:#66 – menopause and hormone replacement#96 – anorexia nervosa#97 – bulimia nervosa#99 – genital herpes#100 – gonorrhea3 Professional DevelopmentWrite an essay on your choice of the following topics:Alzheimer’s diseaseThe essay should contain at least two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook. It should cover the following points:Explain the pathophysiology of the diseaseDiscuss common clinical manifestationsList differential diagnosesDetermine which lab tests would confirm the diagnosis and expected resultsAnalyze a current protocol for treatment and discuss how the treatment works from the pathophysiological perspective