After reading Chapter 1 attached, please discuss the following topics. Please Include at least 2 reference (APA style) that justifies your post.Please post 3 paragraphs for each question.Chapter 11. After reading Chapter 1, do you think Florence Nightingale is relevant in the 21 st century to the nursing profession? Why or why not?2. What do you think would be the rresponse of historical nursing leaders such as Florence Nightingale, Lillian Wald, and Mary Breckendridge if they could see what the profession of nursing looks like today?

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Chapter 1
A History of Health
Care and Nursing
A History of Health Care &
• Classical Era
• The Renaissance
• Greek Era
• The Reformation
• Roman Era
• Industrial
• Middle Ages
History of Nursing:
The Early Years Video
And Then There Was Nightingale…
• The Crimean
• The political
• Military reforms
• Nightingale School
of Nursing and
• The birth of
• Taking health care
to the community
• The legacy of
Continued Development of
Professional Nursing in the UK
• British Nurses’ Association (BNA) and
nurse registration
• Royal College of Nursing has role as both
professional organization and trade union
“Nursing the Nation”
by Molly Case Video

The Development of Professional
Nursing in Canada

Augustine nuns and Jeanne Mance
Victorian Order of Nurses (VON)
St. Catharine’s General Hospital
Canadian Nurses Association
Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia
Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario
Canadian Nurses Foundation
Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing
History of Nursing Review Video

Development of Professional
Nursing in Australia
• The Melbourne District Nursing Society
• Australian Army Nursing Service
• Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
• Australian Nursing and Midwifery
Accreditation Council
• Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
Nursing Officer−Royal
Australian Navy Video

Army−Nursing Officer Video
You Couldn’t Be In Better Hands
Campaign Video
Early Nursing in the United States
• The Goldmark Report
• The Brown Report
• American Nurses Association
• Lillian Wald and the Henry Street Settlement
• Dorothea Lynde Dix
• Clara Barton
• Mary Breckinridge and the Frontier Nursing
Nursing in America: A History of
Social Reform Video
Nursing Profession Responds to the
Great Depression and WWII
• Frances Payne Bolton and the Cadet Nurse
• Civil Works Administration (CWA)
• Social Security Act
• Nurses and Hollywood
1945−1960: Decades of Change
• New technology and drugs
• Hill Burton Act (1946)
• American Nurses Association (ANA)’s Code
of Ethics for Nurses & International Council of
Nurses (ICN)’s Code of Ethics for Nurses
• Journal of Nursing Research first published
• ANA accepted African American nurses for
1961−2000: Years of Revolution,
Protest, and the New Order
• Specialization in nursing
• Medicaid and Medicare (1965)
• ANA’s first position paper on nursing
• First nurse practitioner program in the U.S.
• ANA published Nursing’s Agenda for Health
Care Reform
History of Care Video

The New Century (1 of 2)
• Institute of Medicine (IOM) Reports
– To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System
– Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System
for the 21st Century
– Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality
• The Future of Nursing: Leading Change,
Advancing Health (IOM)
The New Century (2 of 2)
• Quality and Safety Education for Nurses
• Nurse of the Future: Nursing Core
• The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
The Future of Nursing:
Campaign for Action Video

International Council of Nurses (ICN)
• Federation of over 130 national nurses, representing
more than 16 million nurses worldwide
• Working to ensure quality nursing care for all
• Sound health policies globally
• Advancement of nursing knowledge
• Presence worldwide of a respected nursing
• Competent and satisfied nursing workforce
Tribute to Nurses Through Time

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