A:The president of the university has asked you to examine the current university network and to identify possible security threats. He has asked for a recommendation on improvements that must be made to protect the university from various threats. The following are areas that should be considered in your recommendation:
Explanations regarding your approach to secure wired and wireless networks
Descriptions for securing Windows and UNIX operating systems
Specifics regarding identification, authentication, and access control mechanisms
Potential consequences if actions are not taken to protect the listed aspects Prepare your recommendations in a 4-6 page, double-spaced, Word document, with a title page and references in APA.B:During a review of the network configuration log files at the university, you notice there are multiple security violations that have compromised the network and the applications running on the network. In 2-3 paragraphs, analyze some of the possible security threats that could have compromised the network and recommend the security precautions that should have been present and in place to stop the threats. This can later become part of your group recommendation for the university.