Application: Paper on Amnesia or Nature vs. Nurture ControversyThe Assignment: Select one of the following topics and write a 5-page paper. Your
paper must follow APA guidelines including proper citations of
references: Amnesia due to emotional trauma:
There is scientific consensus that amnesia can be caused by head
trauma and other organic causes. More controversial is amnesia caused
by emotional trauma. There is little or no experimental evidence for
the psychodynamic mechanism of repression. Yet movies portray this as a
common event. Do you believe that amnesia can be caused by emotional
trauma? What possible underlying mechanism would explain this
phenomenon in neurologic terms? What doubts are cast by researches on
the validity of psychological amnesia? You must address both the pros
and cons of this issue and demonstrate critical thinking, not just
advocating one position over the other. Support your paper using the
current literature. You may wish to refer to this week’s optional
learning resources as a starting point. Amnesia in Korsakoff’s syndrome:
Compare and contrast the amnesia associated with bilateral
medial-temporal lobectomy and that associated with Korsakoff ’s
syndrome. Support your paper using the current literature.