Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order. Leaders and managers play vital parts in reengineering health care because they play a role in ethical decision-making, advocate for patients and staff, help with changes, resolve conflicts, and effectively communicate during crisis (Grand Canyon University, 2013). Before they make decisions, they must “gather information, identify the problem, generate alternatives or select an alternative to implement, and evaluate the results. The difference in ethical decision-making depends on the identification of the ethical principles that guides the selection and expectations of the outcome” (GCU, 2013). “The nurse manager is responsible for ensuring that organizational policies provide guidance to staff in avoiding legal issues” and “responsible for assuring that employees maintain required professional licensure, practice within their scope, and maintain competence in their practice” (GCU, 2013). Nursing managers and leaders also have the responsibility of advocating for their patients and staff. They “advocate for the patients by developing a unit culture that promotes respect for patients and their ability to make decisions” even if they differ from what staff members would choose (GCU, 2013). In regards to staff, they should listen, empower, and provide feedback to their staff in a respectful way. “Conflict and change are inevitable… [And] good leaders are always on the edge of chaos”, look over the horizon and beyond the precipice, and “read, interpret, and express what they discern situations arise…tame the change, control the conflict, and manage the communication” (Grand Canyon University, 2013).References Grand Canyon University. (2013). Reengineering health care. NRS 451-VN