Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order. Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is a continuous process involving all levels of the organization working together across departmental lines to produce better services for health care clients (Moran & Johnson, 1992). Total quality commitment must include all levels of an organization’s structure. Quality patient care services will be achieved as the result of positive interactions among departments working together to build a dynamic mechanism that continuously improves the processes and outcomes of health care services.The department that I work in recently initiated a CQI for teaching patients about medications. Because we have standardized order sets for our patients following the birth of their baby, we use many ‘routine’ medications for our patients during their stay. To better educate out patients about the medications they are receiving, we created an informational handout that talks about the common medications we administer to our patients. When we give the handouts to our patients, we personalize it by circling or highlighting the medications that are ordered for that specific patient. This has been helpful for our patients the see what medications they are given, what they are given for, what the side effects are, and any specific administration instructions. We decided to initiate this process because our patient satisfaction surveys were showing a decline of scores due to the staff not effectively explaining the medications our patients were given. Because we have just initiated this process, we have yet to see if this has improved our future satisfaction scores, however, we have experienced positive feedback from our patients during their hospitalization. ReferenceMoran, M. J. & Johnson, J. E. (1992). Quality improvement: The nurses’ role. ANA Publication, 80(7), 45-61. Retrieved from