Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the actions required to achieve a goal, without relying on external rewards or pressures. Intrinsic is an internal form of motivation. You strive towards a goal for personal satisfaction or accomplishment. You do it because it feels right, good or the person just likes doing it. Characteristics of an intrinsic performance-driven team include: a team that focuses on what will benefit them in the long run, have the motivation to continue the project and distractions are usually not a problem because they are so involved in continuing working. An intrinsically motivated team works well due to the team satisfaction on obtaining their common goal. In order to motivate my team, I would find team members that share the same passions as what the project I was presenting. Extrinsic motivation is the opposite and requires external rewards such as money or external consequences such as demotion. It doesn’t always have to be another person, but it is some outside demand, obligation, or reward that requires the achievement of a particular goal. Characteristics of an extrinsic performance-driven team include: working toward a goal for reasons of avoiding punishment, to earn the reward of money or recognition, they are still are motivated to get the job or project done but its not because they love what they are doing, they just love what they will get out of it. I order to motivate my team I would have money bonuses and various rewards for those who worked hard on the project to keep them interested in completing the projects common goal . Reference What is extrinsic motivation and is it effective? Retrieved from: